"Graphic Alchemy – LTX3" Fall 2014
Late July 2014, Don Russell, Provisions Research Center for Art and Social Change director, invited me join several others for his "Art as Research" show (above) which became part of a larger, parallel exhibit opening a week later in Eureka, California, (below) under the title, "Graphic Alchemy – LTX3".

"Sample Strips - Low Tide exhibit 1" Dec 2012 - Mar 2013
Introduction to Low Tide work made with hi-res inkjet prints, by Bug Press, on 2 foot wide strips of 5 mil / 32 lb Epson Singleweight Matte paper, hung thoughout the street-level space, floor to ceiling. Each of these main 2x15 foot strips contain six figures reproducing a page or page-spread from a collected document — or objects. The fourth figure from the top of each strip is the focus aligned with others focus images in a horizontal array from strip to strip. The space was lit nightly on a stretch of Highway 101 that becomes 5th Street, in Eureka.

Sample Strips Sample Strips Sample Strips Sample Strips Sample Strips Sample Strips
"50 x 50 - object index draft 1" Aug 2013
An accordion book, a total of 60 feet each side, by one and a half feet high, containing the first fifty "objects" in the Low Tide collection comprised of fifty or fewer "images," each arranged within a single page-spread. This object index draft is the first research towards an art of digital to analog production. Accompanying the book were eighteen foam-core mounted spreads from its pages. The work debuted at Humboldt Baykeeper for its August Arts Alive show along with Baykeeper's house band, Kenny Ray and the Mighty Rove's.

50x50 50x50 50x50 50x50 50x50 50x50

Exhibit 1
"Sample Strips"

(and photos by
Aldaron Laird)
Dec 2012 - Mar 2013
David Mulhern's 5th & B St space
Eureka, CA

Exhibit 2
"50 x 50 - object index draft 1"

August 2013
Humboldt Baykeepers
Art's Alive opening
217 E Street, Eureka, CA

Exhibit 3
Graphic Alchemy – LTX3, from Low Tide Archive, Gross Building, Eureka, CA (US),
in conjunction Provisions Research Center for Art and Social Change, George Mason University Fine Arts Gallery, Washington, DC / Fairfax, VA (US)